Top Tips for the perfect Christmas party

We caught up with Peter Cottell, senior marketing executive at Hype, to get some tips on planning the perfect Christmas party.

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What is your number one tip for any successful party?

Organisation – there’s nothing worse than a badly organised party, where everyone’s underfed, under-watered and grumpy at the organisers. When groups book with Hype, we relieve them of the vast majority of that organisational effort – you know you’re going to have a good night.

Do you recommend shared parties for smaller companies?

Absolutely – it’s a great way to feel part of something bigger. At Winter Wonkaland, smaller companies will get their own tables to themselves, so it’s still intimate but you get to enjoy the scale of the event and, importantly, a lively dance floor.

What are the benefits of a themed Christmas party?

A good theme moves you – it can be exciting or dreamy or fun. Themed Christmas parties take you away from the mundane; they take you somewhere new, and if done well, transport you there completely.

How do you feel about Christmas jumpers?

Has the Christmas jumper had its day? We hope not, as we’ll be wearing ours from November 30th until January 6th!

What advice do you have for making a party memorable?

What makes a party fun is the group of people you’re with. What makes a party memorable is something out of the ordinary, something special, which is exactly what Winter Wonkaland will be, with its deeply immersive theme and a live entertainment spectacle.



What common pitfalls should you watch out for
when planning a Christmas party?

Don’t try and do too much if you’re organising everything or you’ll never have a good time yourself. Remember, everyone has an opinion, but in the end someone’s got to make that final decision and everyone will respect it.

How should you go about picking venue
for your office Christmas party?

Bristol is blessed with a mass of amazing venues hosting brilliant Christmas parties. Each has something going for it, so have a good look through this guide and see what works for you. But do remember that Winter Wonkaland is taking place in the historic, iconic Passenger Shed, right next to Temple Meads – one of Bristol’s main transport hubs.

What advice would you give for catering an office Christmas party?

If you’re catering for yourself, keep it simple. An American supper is a great way to spread the costs and get some variety. If you’re eating out, make a list of your group’s dietary requirements, deliver them in good time to your caterer and take your list with you. The result: happy eaters.

What makes Hype parties stand out
and why are they a good choice for any office?

Hype have been running themed Christmas parties for 17 years. Each year we try to improve on the previous year’s theme, catering, entertainment and organisation. We’ve got a sparkly new website that makes it really easy for you to book. We can take as few as eight people and as many as 600. We put on lots of events other than the shared parties too, including a quiz, a movie musical cabaret night, a pop-up cinema and a scrumptious afternoon tea for families. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Winter Wonkaland – it’s for everyone!

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